Institutional > Management
Name- Surname Title
Prof. Dr. Habip ASAN President and Chairman of the Management Board
Dr. İbrahim YAŞAR President Vice and Member of the Management Board
Prof. Dr. Ersan ASLAN Member of Management Board
Mürsel Ali KAPLAN Member of Management Board
Nuh TANDOĞAN Member of Management Board
Prof. Dr. İbrahim KILIÇASLAN Member of Management Board
Muharrem ÜRGÜP Member of Management Board
Head of Departments
Name- Surname Title
Zeynep ÜYÜMEZ 1st Legal Adviser
Salih BEKTAŞ Head of Patent Department
Dr.Elif Betül AKIN Head of Trademarks Department
Fatih KARAHAN Head of Industrial Designs Department
Kadri Yavuz ÖZBAY Head of International Relations Department
Muhammed Ali IŞIK Head of Personnel Department
Resit GÜRMENHead of Administrative and Financial Department
M. Kemal NALÇACIHead of Information, Documentation and IT Dept.
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