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Suspension of Time-Limits to safeguard users rights during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (09.04.2020)

According to the Law No.7226, which was published in the Official Gazette on March 26, 2020, all time limits expiring on or after 13 March 2020 (until April 30) are suspended. This suspension also effects the relevant time limits and deadlines set out in the Industrial Property Code No.6769.

The suspended time limits and new deadlines regarding IP applications will be calculated by TURKPATENT as follows:



Earlier Deadline (Year 2020)

Deadline (Year 2020)


Given time limit expires on March 12 or in an earlier date

Not changed


Given time limit expires on or between March 13-27

May 15


Given time limit expires on or between  March 28 – April 30

May 1 +number of days left for the expiry of the given time limit by March 13.


Given time limit starts before March 13 and expires on or after May 1

Expiry date of given time limit + 49 days


Given time limit starts on or between 13 March-30 April

Given time limit will start on May 1.