About Us

Our Vision

To be an institution that contributes to the increase of Türkiye's intellectual capital and innovation capacity and directs national and international policies in the field of industrial property.

Our Mission

To serve the economic and technological development of our country in line with the National Technology Move by increasing the awareness of industrial property in all segments of the society, contributing to the effective protection and commercialization of industrial property rights, and playing an active role in international platforms.

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Duties of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office

Performs the registration of patents, utility models, trademark, geographical indications, traditional product names, designs and integrated circuit topographies in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation and the protection of these rights.

• It acts as a mediator in compulsory license procedures and acts as an expert in the courts.

• It registers and registers license and transfer agreements.

• Follows the use of inventions, evaluates new technologies, directs and archives technology transfer.

• It carries out relations and cooperates with the European Union, international organizations and foreign countries in the field of industrial property.

• Represents Türkiye before international organizations with the approval of the Ministry.

• It contributes to the preparation of international agreements on industrial property rights by protecting the interests of the country and ensures the implementation of these agreements in Türkiye.

• It cooperates with national and international institutions and organizations related to technology and research-development and with data banks, establishes documentation centers and makes this information available to the public.

• It makes publications on industrial property rights.

• It does the necessary work to inform and direct individuals and organizations in the country on industrial property rights.

• It carries out studies to provide training to individuals and organizations in the field of industrial property in the country and abroad, and supports educational activities and academic studies related to the subjects within its field of duty.