Change in the Amounts of the Individual Fees for Türkiye under the Madrid Protocol.

27 Ocak 2023


The individual fees for Türkiye to be paid for international applications under the Madrid Protocol have been updated. The change has been made in accordance with the Communiqué on the Fee Tariff to be Applied in 2023 by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (as published in the Official Gazette no: 32060, and dated December 31, 2022.)


In this context, the new individual fees for Türkiye will be as follows:



Desiqnation fee (in the international application or subsequently):

Swiss francs

  • For the first class of goods or services  (TRY 760)


  • For the second class of goods or services (TRY 760)


  • For each additional class (TRY 870)



Renewal fee:


  • independent of the number of classes (TRY  2.450)


  • Where payment is received within the period of grace, independent of the number of classes: (TRY 4.560)



The above-mentioned amounts will be applied as from April 12, 2023.