178th Anniversary of Agricultural Education and Training

11 Ocak 2024
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Turkish Patent and Trademark Office President Prof. Dr. M. Zeki DURAK attended the "178th Anniversary of Agricultural Education and Training" ceremony held in Antalya.

In his speech at the ceremony held in the Faculty of Agriculture Meeting Hall on January 10, 2024, in cooperation with Akdeniz University Faculty of Agriculture and Antalya Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, DURAK stated that Türkiye is successful in the field of branding and said, "We are the 4th country in the world with the most trademark applications, and 1st in Europe. We also gained serious momentum in design applications. We rank second in the world after China and first in Europe. These figures are indicators of the development in our country." he said.

Stating that serious studies are being carried out on the development of geographically indicated products and branding, DURAK said, "We have achieved a significant increase in geographically indicated products recently. While our numbers are increasing, we continue our work on awareness and the importance of having received a geographical indication. We have 18 geographically indicated products registered in the EU. In the coming days, this number will be 19. And the registration process for our 45 applications is continuing." 

Noting that Gaziantep ranks first with 103 geographically registered products, DURAK stated that Antalya has 16 geographically registered products.

Referring to the economic size of the EU geographically indicated product market, DURAK said, "We continue to carry out awareness studies on the branding of geographical indications. There are 3,207 geographically indicated products registered in the EU and the economic size is 74.76 billion euros according to 2017 data.".

Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Cengiz TOKER drew attention to the decrease in agricultural areas and emphasized the importance of efforts to protect agricultural areas for the continuity of production.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mustafa ERKAN, stated that the world population is increasing day by day and that agricultural production must be increased significantly to meet the nutritional needs.

Following the speeches, plaques were presented by the Antalya Chamber of Agricultural Engineers to those who completed their 30th years in their profession.


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