Türkiye Continues Its Rise in the World in Patent Applications

22 Aralık 2023
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Türkiye, which prioritizes the production of value-added products by spreading high technology and R&D studies in every field of the industry, aims to rise to the top in the world in patent applications.

Türkiye, which prioritizes the production of value-added products by spreading high technology and R&D studies in every field of the industry, aims to rise to the top in the world in patent applications.

Turkish Patent and Trademark Office President Prof. Dr. M. Zeki DURAK stated that Turkey ranks 12th in the world in patent applications and first in Europe in trademark and geographical indication applications.

Stating that there are companies producing very qualified products in Türkiye, DURAK said that these companies should have applications such as patents, utility models and designs in order to protect their products and sell their products more easily in the international arena.

DURAK emphasized that Türkiye has been in the first place in Europe in terms of trademarks for 11 years and has risen to the first place in Europe in terms of designs for the first time, and said:

"Approximately 9 thousand patent applications are made every year in our country. Currently, we have ranked 12th in domestic patent applications, 4th in trademark applications and 2nd in design applications in the world. Our aim is to be among the top 5 in the world in patents, as we are in designs and trademark. In the last 20 years, we have increased our number of domestic patents by 22 times to 9 thousand 9, our utility model applications by 6 times to 5 thousand 502, our trademark applications by 7 times to 197 thousand 235, and design applications by 4 times to 78 thousand 268. "The biggest factor in this increase is the increased awareness."

World Intellectual Property Indicators Report

According to the 2023 World Intellectual Property Indicators Report published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, as the world turns to innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, a record number of patent applications of approximately 3.5 million were filed last year.

Patent applications to the National Intellectual Property Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNIPA) and the European Patent Office rose above the global average, while in the US applications increased for the first time since the pandemic.

The above mentioned increase in patents were observed to be spread over a wide geography. In 2022, compared to the previous year, significant increases were recorded in patent applications in South Africa, India, Indonesia, Algeria, Colombia, Türkiye and Saudi Arabia.

In the same period, the largest decrease in patent applications was seen in Italy with 16.8 percent. This country was followed by Russia with 13.1 percent, while a decrease in applications was also observed in China, Australia, France, Germany and South Korea.

Increase in the number of female inventors

The number of female inventors has increased in every region of the world in the last 10 years. The rate of female inventors increased from 10.6 percent in 2008 to 17.1 percent in 2022. Last year, approximately 34.7 percent of Patent Cooperation Treaty applications included at least 1 woman as an inventor, and 95.8 percent included at least 1 man.

Considering the top 20 countries in applications, Türkiye became the country with the highest rate of female inventors after China, with 24 percent. While, approximately 1 in 10 of the applications in Austria and Japan are female inventors.

The fields where women are most represented with 30 percent worldwide, have been biotechnology with 30.2 percent, food chemistry with 30.1 percent and pharmaceuticals with 29.1 percent.

The share of female inventors in published Patent Cooperation Treaty applications was higher in 29 of 35 technology fields in 2022, compared to the previous year.

Türkiye grew by double digits in utility model applications

Utility model applications, another form of protection that ensures the protection of inventions, also increased by 2.9 percent worldwide in 2022.

While 740 thousand 290 applications were received by the CNIPA in 2012, this figure reached 2 million 950 thousand last year. In 2022, China was followed by Germany with 9 thousand 469, Russia with 8 thousand 521, Türkiye with 5 thousand 558 and Japan with 4 thousand 513.

Indonesia and Türkiye achieved double-digit growth in utility model applications with 25.8 percent and 23.8 percent respectively.

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